Exploring VDML with Spreadsheets

VDML research study by Fred A. Cummins

Exploring VDML

I want to describe  a technique for the application of the VDML (Value Delivery Modeling Language) metamodel using spreadsheets. The technique is illustrated in a companion Excel workbook. It was developed to explore the application of VDML, particularly the aggregation of value measurements to support value propositions and objectives, and it provides a way of exploring VDML analysis in lieu of the availability of a full VDML modeling tool. It does not include some of the more complex and sophisticated aspects of a robust VDML modeling tool.

VDML roots

VDML was recently adopted by OMG (Object Management Group), see VDML specification for the details. See also my VDML-blog post for an overview of VDML. VDML-compliant tools are currently under development. In the meantime, business analysis and design based on VDML can provide significant value to business leaders.

While VDML-compliant tools will be important for realization of the full value of VDML modeling, conventional spreadsheet tools can be used to realize significant benefit and capture small-scope business models that may later be transformed to use a VDML-compliant modeling tool. This technique has been developed based on the functionality of MS Excel.

You can download my document where I describe a:

  • general approach using spreadsheets
  • multiple spreadsheets that represent a VDML scenario (the model of a particular state of the business over a stable operating period)
  • potential applications of such a model

The download is a .zip file that contains the mentioned article and a spreadsheet that can be used as a starter.

Looking forward to hear from you and please share your results and improvement proposals.

Documentation (word file)

Excel file

Product pages

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