Product Highlights

A must for every adviser, in or outside the organization

  • Provide insight how value is created and delivered

  • Increase advisers productivity

  • Provide insight how various enterprise parts are related

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With the VDMbee Value Management Platform you make strategy concrete, which results in alignment between all involved stakeholders. They can agree or disagree but everyone shares the same understanding of concrete and validated future options and plans.

My Plans

My Plans

It allows you to be effective in decision making and control, as you can prototype your business innovation or transformation, analyze alternatives and assess risks and impacts on your Value objectives before you implement your plans.

And you do that by following the structured and guided Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) approach, realizing a Business Model oriented view on your business.

Value Cube

Value Cube

Line chart

Line chart

A free Community edition is available for when you want to make yourself familiar with Value Management via strategic and tactical plans to innovate and transform your Business Models.

To get the full power of the VDMbee Value Management Platform, you need an enterprise edition, which can be obtained via the in-app subscription purchase.

The VDMbee Value Management Platform supports you with a set of components. These components are used in integrated manner in the context of the Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) approach. More details about the components can be found on that page as well.