Our Partners

  • For who?

    • Business owners
    • Business network partners
    • Management and Staff
    • Solution owner/users
    • Solution providers
    • Universities
  • For what?

    • Create and Secure Customer Value
    • Company/Industry/Government Compliancy matters
    • Align strategies across business units
    • Streamline merger and acquisition activity
    • Deploy new business models and strategies
    • Plan and fund portfolio investments
    • Align business and IT architectures
    • Align packaged IT offering with business
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  • Reselint B.V.

  • Reselint is a dynamic innovative company and we belief that the ever-expanding data growth and the speed of generated data, have amplified the data volume which when analyzed can be crucial for companies.

    Reselint delivers solutions in transforming your structured and unstructured data into valuable information, web intelligence to support offensive rather than defense stance security and effectively helps you to create a clear view on the development of your value proposition.

    Corporations are sharing their valuable information via internet with customers, suppliers and strategic partners in it’s value chain. We provide tailored solutions in how data can help you in your decision process but also minimize your business risks and help you in your value proposition.

    Okapistraat 68
    6531 RM Nijmegen
    The Netherlands
    email: info@reselint.com
    website: www.reselint.com

  • i-Knowledge

  • Our mission
    The world is changing rapidly around us. I-Knowledge enables organizations to innovate continuously. We realize digital innovations by making ambitions and the use of smart technologies measurable. We ensure the right direction that can be constantly adjusted. A direction in which we take responsibility together to stay ahead of the competition.

    Our vision
    In the world of tomorrow successful organizations leverage new business models, innovative capabilities and the power of data to build stronger communities. Collaboration is based on trust and consensus. Organizational boundaries are abandoned and ecosystems are strengthened. To seize opportunities that were not there at first. And to realize digital solutions that enable your employees to connect to the needs of your customers. Needs that change every day.

    Contact: Aris Pierweijer
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arisgur/
    Website: http://www.i-knowledge.nl

  • Maarten de Winter

    Maarten de Winter

  • Maarten de Winter resilience consulting

    Maarten de Winter is a value driven economist and independent consultant and coach. He aims at reconciling dilemma’s through insight in ‘the heart of the matter’. Dilemmas can cause personal, organizational or inter-organizational challenges. Maarten aims at building resilience in the strategy, structure and culture of organizations, thus contributing to resilient value chains that create sustainable profit with respect for planet and society.

    Maarten is a good listener. Aiming at reconciling business dilemma’s he keeps a close eye on people in their situations. He provides stories, models and practical planning -, research – and evaluation tools that are a kick-start for building a resilient organization.

    Maarten is a teacher of value creation on Avans+ University of applied science, has written two books on stress management and aims to be an inspiring speaker and on organizational change.

    Please contact Maarten for:

    • Public speaking
    • Career coaching
    • Resilience building in organizations
    • Triple P Sustainable value chains

    Contact: Maarten de Winter (info@maartendewnter.nl)
    Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/maartendewinter
    Website: http://www.maartendewinter.nl/

  • logo University of Tilburg

  • University of Tilburg

    Contact: Dr. Hans Weigand, email: H.Weigand@uvt.nl

    Core competence
    The University of Tilburg has as specialty the human- and society studies. The research group of Information systems within the faculty of Economics does research in the areas of Value Modelling and Business Ontologies. Those model methods play a role in system design and Business Model Innovations.

    Warandelaan 2
    5037 AB Tilburg
    The Netherlands
    website: tilburguniversity.edu

  • logo Vital Innovators-definitief_met-pay-off_z.witterand

  • Vital Innovators

    Contact: M de Lange, email: info@vitalinnovators.nl

    Core competence
    Vital Innovators is a non-profit organization, that is focused on creating impact with care innovations. Our approach is to create Learning communities where we bring stakeholders from the different care perspectives together to define, strategies, calculate, realize (health)care innovations. All with the aim to have impact. All research knowledge is distributed between the participants of the Vital Innovators network.

    Zonneoordlaan 17
    6718 TK Ede
    The Netherlands
    website: vitalinnovators.nl

  • StrategySuite

  • StrategieSuite

    Contact: Johan Visser, email: jvisser@strategiesuite.nl

    Our business motto is: “instead of running in circles it’s better to take decisions”; StrategieSuite supports Entrepreneurs and Organizations in the development and realization of their Strategies. With our Strategy development approach, we create Support, Focus and Energy by all stakeholders. We offer a selection of custom programs and group strategy courses.

    Staverdenseweg 283
    3852 NV Ermelo
    The Netherlands
    website: www.strategiesuite.nl

  • PNA

  • PNA

    Contact: pna-group email: info@pna-group.com

    PNA is world leader in knowledge engineering. PNA offers analysis-expertise, education and tools to support enterprises in knowledge intensive challenges. One of our core values is to make knowledge capital of organizations more broadly applicable, creating Intelligent Business. Our proposition is to give our customers control of their business, in a transparent, measurable and sustainable way, creating more room for innovation.

    PNA is author and contributor to various open (OMG) standards such as BPMN, DMN & SBVR and cogNIAM®. Our clients include ABN AMRO Bank, ADP, Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Service), CBS (Dutch Bureau of Statistics), Erasmus University Rotterdam, European Space Agency, MoneYou, Obvion, Open University and VGZ.

    The strength of VDMbee’s and PNA’s cooperation is in the complementarity of specialisms within the business knowledge ecosystem. Where VDMbee helps you to define and clarify your business directions and purposes, PNA delivers world-renowned business process specifications, information/data analysis, requirements, semantics and business rules for a first time right implementation. The unique combination of VDMbee’s and PNA’s scientific methodologies, based on OMG standards, ensures complete alignment from decision process to implementation and control.

    Geerstraat 105
    6411 NP  Heerlen
    The Netherlands
    Website: www.pna-group.com

  • Patagonia

    Contact: Jeroen Verberk, email: j.verberk@patagonia-bv.com

    Patagonia Company is a specialized consultancy and training company in the creation of Operational Excellence.
    High-tech production companies and complex health care organisations are our favorite customers. We support them in the realization of market leading positions by optimizing the operational processes.
    The support consist of the implementation of process management, total quality management, continuous improvement and coaching of the management.
    With increased efficiency and improved customer focused processes these organisations realize preferred supplier positions with their customers.

    Baanhoek 184
    3361 GN Sliedrecht
    The Netherlands
    website: www.patagonia-bv.com

  • constable-research-logo

  • Constable Research BV

    Contact: Hans Konstapel, email: hans.konstapel@gmail.com

    Constable Research can help you make a business plan, to find partners & investors, transform yourself or your company, to define a strategy and IT architecture and to realize this architecture (programming and implementation).
    Our specialty is in business strategy and software-architecture with a long term experience in many industries. In the Banking Industry we have been involved for over 20 years, where we enriched core banking systems with Smart Systems using Big Data analysis.

    Constable Research is co-creating companies in the area of:

    • Applying sensor-technology and semantic analytics in Healthcare as well as new care- and cure-systems and Care robots
    • Food (the relationship between food & healthcare) and restructuring the food-value-chain
    • New retail concept
    • Creating business out of Open Data
    • Software quality, Security (with a priority for social innovation) and Innovation management
    • Smart social support systems

    website: Constable Research


  • Minautics_Logo

  • Minautics

    Contact: Björn Richerzhagen, email: bjricherzhagen@mi-nautics.com

    MINAUTICS, a Berlin-based consulting firm, combines broad industry experience with specialized expertise in:

    • Value management
    • Performance management
    • Process management
    • Change and project management

    The firm’s consultants help clients optimize their businesses, improve their operational activities and accelerate their performance and value delivery. The firm’s capabilities are enhanced by their broad industry expertise, analytical rigor and hands-on, collaborative approach. MINAUTICS consultants see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative, customized solutions aligned to your business goals.

    MINAUTICS offers consulting, training and staffing services for opex initiatives.

    website: Minautics


  • Dipartimento di Informatice University Torino

  • University of Torino

    Contact: Sara Capecchi, email:  sara.capecchi@unito.it

    Computer Science Department of the university of Torino coordinates the research activity in the Computer Science field within the University of Torino.
    The research topics include:

    • Business Process Modeling
    • Value Modeling
    • Net Economy and Innovation Impact on Strategic Management.

    Corso Svizzera 185,

    website: www.di.unito.it

United Arab Emirates

  • Capture

  • Arqitek Advisory DMCC

    Contact: Dr. Stephane Niango email: stephane.niango@arqitek.com

    Core competence
    Arqitek is a niche consulting firm focused on practical transformation. Arqitek use modelling techniques to optimize and transform IT and business operations. Arqitek is part of the Exceed group.
    Our services include:

    Digital Transformation Programs
    Enterprise Architecture
    Portfolio Management
    Business Process Management
    Application Life-cycle Management
    IT Transformation Programs

    # 30-01-2670 Jewellery & Gemplex 3, JLT, Dubai, UAE
    P.O. Box: 929092 Dubai, UAE
    Website: arqitek.com

North America


  • Insurance Frameworks

    Insurance Frameworks

  • Insurance Frameworks

    Contact: Pierre Gagné , email: pierre.gagne@psgconseil.com

    Insurance Frameworks is a global reference center for the Insurance and Wealth management industry. Insurance Frameworks distributes Insurance and Wealth Management Enterprise Business Architecture Frameworks, Capability Map, Functional Decomposition, Information Models, Enterprise Integration Map, Business Process Models and Methodologies called Panorama 360. On www.InsuranceFrameworks.com, you can see samples, get online training on all aspects of this knowledge base as well as import files of Panorama 360 frameworks and models to load your modeling tools.

  • Pierre Gagné

    Pierre Gagné

  • About Pierre Gagné:
    Pierre Gagné, accomplished global senior business architect and strategic consultant in insurance and wealth management, having worked in 10 countries. He is President of PSG Inc. and Insurance Frameworks Inc.. For the last 40 years, he has been assisting close to 100 insurance and wealth management companies, working with the business as well as with IT. He is regarded globally as a thought leader and dynamic practitioner who brings reason, clarity, and practicality to complex business architecture and business change. Pierre’s insights can be found in his acclaimed Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management Capability Maps, Enterprise Business Framework, Business Process Models and Methodologies.

    1244 des Roselins
    Lévis, Québec,
    Canada, G6K 1V8
    Website: www.InsuranceFrameworks.com

United States of America

  • Fred A. Cummins

    Fred A. Cummins

  • Agile Enterprise Design (AED)

    Contact: Fred A Cummins, email: fred.a.cummins@gmail.com

    Fred, as an independent consultant, delivers Business analysis and design capabilities to support you in your Business challenges.
    Fred is a former EDS Fellow and HP Fellow. As a Fellow he consulted on leveraging information technology for advanced business solutions in a number of different industries. He is currently a co-chair of the Object Management Group (OMG), Business Modeling and Integration task force, and a member of the Board of Directors of LEADing Practice. Fred was a leader in the development of the OMG Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) specification and the Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) specification. He has authored numerous papers and published three books. A fourth book, Building the Agile Enterprise with Capabilities, Collaborations and Values, will be published by Elsevier later this year.

    9880 Sunrise Drive
    Pinckney, MI 48169
    The United States of America
    website: fredacummins.blogspot.nl

  • BPM Advantage Consulting

  • BPM Advantage Consulting

    Stephen A. White, sometimes described as the father of BPMN, chaired the working group that created BPMN and was the main author/editor for both BPMN 1.0 and BPMN 2.0. Steve has also co-authored a book on BPMN and has written many articles and book chapters on BPMN.
    Steve brings this experience, as well as his general BPM background for a number of consulting services, including:

    • Developing and integrating corporate standards for BPM modeling within a Process Architecture
      • BPMN, DMN, etc.
    • Training Services (especially BPMN):
      • Developing enablement programs for employees using corporate standards
      • On-site 2-day training classes for BPMN certification
      • Contact for details and scheduling
      • On-line training course for BPMN certification
      • Business process analysis
    • Defining process relationships to the larger business architecture context
    • Defining process relationships to service modeling

    Contact: Stephen A. White, Ph.D.
    website: www.bpmadvantage.com
    email: sawhite@bpmadvantage.com



  • logo - small

  • B & I Lockwood Accountants Pty Ltd

    Contact: Ian Harris, email: iharris@bila.com.au

    Core competence
    B & I is a boutique business services, accountancy and consultancy practice pursuing an open business model to deliver Business Model Innovation and Transformation services. One of the fastest-growing areas in the practice is the eCommerce and digital economy businesses. B & I has identified eHealth, mHealth and the health arena generally as one of our focus areas to deliver our innovation and transformation services.

    Ian Harris facilitates the Melbourne Business Model User Group, a Meetup group dedicated to the development and innovation of the business models of participants.

    PO Box 422 BENTLEIGH EAST, VIC , 3165
    4B North Drive, Virginia Park,
    236-262 East Boundary Rd
    BENTLEIGH EAST , VIC , Australia, 3165
    website: bila.com

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