Dedicated Solutions For Your Business

  • Professional

    Enterprise Edition (year)

    • Continuous Business Model Planning
    • No data limitations
    • No feature limitations

    € 588.00/yr

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  • Professional

    Enterprise Edition (month)

    • Continuous Business Model Planning
    • No data limitations
    • No feature limitations

    € 49.00/mo

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  • Starter

    Community Edition (free)

    • Continuous Business Model Planning
    • Data limitations applicable
    • No feature limitations

    € 0.00/mo

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Online Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) training program

  • Workshop Leader


    • Capture creative business solutions
    • Lead and energize “Discovery” stage
    • Structure business knowledge base

    € 95.00/student

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  • Value Analyst


    • Build the Value calculator
    • Create re-usable business templates
    • Analyze expected Value impact

    € 95.00/student

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  • Change Agent


    • Visualize Value impact and report
    • Perform scenario planning
    • Track implementation progress

    € 95.00/student

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  • Planning Participant


    • Understand CBMP concepts
    • Participate in CBMP projects
    • Generate ideas and collect data

    € 45.00/student

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  • CBMP Black Belt

    Certification Program

    • Build a CBMP for your target audience
    • Guided by VDMbee expert
    • Present and defend your plan to get certified

    € 999.00/student

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Quick Pricing View

Subscription training fees are invoiced. Payment by bank transfer.

Important data limitations to be aware of are

Data elements Community Edition Enterprise Edition Information
Plans 2 unlimited
Phases per Plan 2 unlimited
Business Models 2 unlimited
Business Canvases 2 unlimited Info
Business Ecosystem Map 2 unlimited Info
Strategy Map 2 unlimited Info
Value Stream Map 2 unlimited Info
Capability Map 1 unlimited Info
Capability Library 1 unlimited Info
Process designer (BPMN2.0) 2 unlimited Info
Case designer (CMMN1.1) 2 unlimited Info
Reports 2 unlimited Info
Dashboards/Presentations 2/2 unlimited Info
Vocabularies 0 unlimited Info
Enabler for Business architecture Guild® reference models 0 unlimited Info

Common Questions

  • Do you have setup fees or contracts?

    There is no setup fee.
    Customized version of the Value Management Platform can be offered as well. Please contact our sales team.
    For Enterprise agreements, please contact our sales team as well.

  • How much does it cost?
    • The VDMbee Platform pricing is based on a subscription model.
      General Platform support requests via our Community are for free. Support for customer or project specific support/consultancy requests can be sent to our sales team.

    • Impression of VDMbee Value Management Platform

      Impression of VDMbee Value Management Platform

  • What is the billing cycle?

    For the Enterprise Edition, billing happens monthly.
    For the Add-on modules, billing happens yearly.

  • How many users can I add using regular license?

    Our licencing is based on App pricing by Google WebStore user.
    You can subscribe as many users as you need.
    Maybe you require an Enterprise agreement? Please contact our sales team.

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