VDMbee Capability Map

Capability Map provide a nice visualization of your organizations capabilities (coming soon)

The Capability Map is a handy tools to visualize, in a hierachical way, how your Capabilties are organized.

A Capability Map can be used to specify Capability Definitions in Capability Libraries. It is based on a taxonomy that consists of multiple levels (often three). 

Capability Libraries enforce the use of an industry-and/or Enterprise-standard vocabulary for Capabilities. It can also be used to enforce standardization and rationalization of Capabilities as provided by an Enterprise.   

Different Shapes can be used for Capability Definitions and Capability Categories of them.

Elements in a Capability Map can be mapped to elements in one or more Capability Libraries. Based on such mapping, elements in Capability Libraries can be created and existing ones can be selected for visualization.  

Capabilities (Capability Definitions) in Capability Libraries can be used to define the Capabilities as applied or used by Activities that are performed by the Business in Business Models.

Here a screenshot of an Equipment map:



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