Product Highlights

A must for every adviser, in or outside the organization

  • Provide insight how value is created and delivered

  • Increase advisers productivity

  • Provide insight how various enterprise parts are related

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With The VDMbee Value Management Platform you make Strategy concrete, which results in alignment between all involved stakeholders. They can agree or disagree but everyone shares the same single photo of future options and plans.

It allows you to be effective in decision making and control, as you can prototype your Business Innovation or Transformation, analyze Alternatives and assess risks and impacts on your Value Objectives before you implement your Plans.

And you do that by following a structured and guided approach, realizing a Business Model oriented view on your Business.

A free Community edition is available for when you want to make yourself familiar with Value Management via strategic and tactical Plans to innovate and transform your Business Models

The VDMbee Value Management Platform is provided as an App. You can find a link to the App Store via the VDMbee website. To get the full power of the VDMbee Value Management Platform, you need an enterprise edition subscription. Trial period is 7 days, and subscription cancellation is possible.

Insurance Frameworks and VDMbee have agreed to deliver the Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management reference models in VDMbee format, …

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The BA Guild® and VDMbee signed an agreement that allows VDMbee provide industry reference models, in VDMbee format, for purpose …

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Case Designer (CMMN1.1) design your high-level Case Models The Case Designer (CMMN1.1) is an implementation of the case designer …

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Process Designer (BPMN2.0) design your high-level Business Processes The Process Designer (BPMN2.0) is an implementation of the process designer …

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Using Capability Library to support discovery of Activities and Capabilities for Activities We have several graphical maps for discovery purpose …

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Capability Map provide a nice visualization of your organizations capabilities The Capability Map is a handy tool to visualize, in …

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Value Stream map to analyze and visualize how the eco-system creates value A Value Stream Map is used to specify …

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Strategy Map to specify key Values and visualize cause-effect Background A strategy map is a diagram that is used to …

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Dashboards play an important role during the “Adopt” stage of an initiative. They are used to demonstrate Value impact of …

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VDMbee added the Report module to the Value Management Platform to support the effort of making your Plan shareable for …

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VDMbee added the Vocabulary Library module to the Value Management Platform to support the effort of making your Plan in …

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With The Business Ecosystem Map module, you design the Value Proposition exchange in your Value Network. The Business Ecosystem Map …

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The Business Canvases module is aimed to support the “Discovery” part of the Planning effort. It’s available for our Community …

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VDML (OMG) great foundation

The purpose of VDML is to provide a standard modeling language for analysis and design of the operation of an enterprise with particular focus on the creation and exchange of value. It provides a view of the operation for business executives, along with a representation for business analysts to link strategy and business models to the activities, roles, and capabilities that run the operation.

VDML is designed to address several critical business challenges:

  • It creates a robust way to model both tangible and intangible value flows.

  • It provides the capacity to model complex collaborations and business networks.

  • It provides a flexible way to model business activities to more readily support continuous transformation in environments of high variability.

  • It supports more effective shared capabilities optimization and deployment.

On the getting started page you can find How-To videos of the VDMbee Value Management Platform. Please follow this link.