Serious Business Planning Game

Teambuilding with business challenges: Serious Business Planning Game

In addition to self-study courses, VDMbee also provides a two-day class-room based game challenge.  

This training is organized in the form of a serious business game.

This game trains the case where a group of enterprises, typically entrepreneurs, form a business network with shared business objectives. This is very actual to bring new innovative solutions to the market, or to combine forces and capabilities to achieve something that no enterprise could otherwise achieve by itself. 

VDMbee has a standard program, but we can specialize it towards your business environment and challenges. We have to make a special arrangement for a dedicated game setup.

  • Advantages

    This business game brings innovation thinking (design thinking), business model planning and sustainability management together in a very practical, hands-on and tool-supported collaborative process, which really represents how innovators and design thinkers want to bring their innovations to the world in a viable and sustainable way !

  • Serious Business Planning Game

    Serious Business Planning Game

Participants are organized in groups that represent the various enterprises of different types, that together form the ecosystem needed to get an innovation to work in business.

As every enterprise needs to bring its own business model into the game, in concert with the others, each group of participants will have to conceive, define, develop, assess and negotiate their business model with other groups. Which will result in a lively and exciting game. You will experience how cohesion in and between the groups will develop throughout the game.

The guiding pattern of the game is the Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) method, as supported by the VDMbee Value Management Platform, which will be used by all groups.

During the two training days, knowledge transfer about CBMP, will alternate with hands-on work in the groups to collaboratively design the business models and get them to work, by applying CBMP step by step.   

Viability of the ecosystem of interacting business models will be assessed on a balanced set of financial, ecological and social indicators (triple bottom line!). These indicators serve as value objectives for the game. 

Steps towards the serious business model game

  • Finish all CBMP training courses
  • Register for VDMbee serious business planning game
  • ….. more to come

For whom?

Team building exercise to practice Business Planning challenges.

  • Serious Business Model Game details

    Cost for a game session is € 5000,–, based on our standard training content. For a dedicated program, we will make a special arrangement with you.

    Program will take 2 full days and requires between 10 and 20 participants.

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