Strategy Workshop

Is your Organisation aligned, your Strategy concrete, your vision embedded in the organization and are you ready for decision making and control?
VDMbee effectively helps you create a clear view on the development of your Business.
This Workshop will make a real difference to the collective understanding of your Business goals, the priorities and actions required to implement your Business Plans.
You will achieve this by effectively mapping your Strategy to your Business Model Innovation Plan.

Strategy Workshop

Workshop Objectives

  • Day 0: Used for preparation of the workshop. Involvement of one or two stakeholders close to the Business Case is a prerequisite.
  • Day 1: What, How and Why of your Business
    • Get the Core Values of your Business (the Why question of the Golden Circles)
    • Product/ Market Combinations and their status on the life cycle (Bee Board concept)
    • Prioritization and focus
    • Important Business Model decomposition for: Business Networks, Customers, Partners, Value Propositions, Value Formulas
  • Day 2: Realization of a Business Plan
    • Get the Values to measure progress and their formulas
    • New Value Propositions
    • Plan, phasing and milestones
    • Communication plan to align all stakeholders
  • Workshop topics:

    • Golden Circles method
    • Business Model Life Cycle Management
    • Business Model Cube
    • Value Management Platform

  • Business Model Cube

For whom?

All Decision Makers who feel themselves responsible for the destination of their Business.

Delivery Methods

This training course can be delivered onsite or at our Netherlands office.
We are open for dedicated customer wishes related to the customer case that need to be used during the workshop.

  • Scheduling

    Contact us to schedule this training course for your organization.

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