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  • We have developed an online training program to get you up-to-speed to understand all important aspects of Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP).
    The online training program contains both videos you have to watch and exam questions that you have to answer for certification.
    After successfull completion we provide you a certificate.

What does Continuous Business Model Planning mean?

It is about Planning innovation and/or transformation of your business, in certain scope, in a way that demonstrates the impact on your organization and Value objectives. Whereby your business is expressed in terms of an ecosystem of interacting Business Models (one or more), of yourself, and your Partners and Customers.
“Continuous” relates to the idea of a closed-loop Planning activity, like the PDCA or DMAIC cycle. CBMP can be considered “DMAIC at strategy level” or “strategic DMAIC”.

How to apply Continuous Business Model Planning as a method?

We defined a closed-loop method, consistent with PDCA and DMAIC approaches, as: Discover – Prototype – Adopt.

CBMP overview

CBMP overview

“Discover” covers the creativity part of the method, to, likely in workshop setting, “discover” and build shared understanding of and consensus about how things work, or may or should work, how to address issues, implement ideas, and what information / facts matter in this context, etc.

“Prototype” covers the more analytical work of transforming the results of “Discover” into a structured system representation of the Business, and perform impact analysis based on it. Also as basis for Dashboards, for decision making, that will be developed during the “Adopt” stage.

“Adopt” is about development of Dashboards, to present the results of “Prototype”, in an interactive way, with focus on demonstrating impact on the organization of the business and related Value objectives, for the various Participants/stakeholders that area involved. And based on that, moderate decision making about implementation and the the actual business change. And by this, initiate change.

The actual change management is not directly supported by VDMbee Value Management Platform (VMP), but after implementation is done, and results become available, business operations, according to the newly implemented baseline can be monitored, and “actuals” (performance metrics) can be imported into VMP, e.g., for comparison Plan versus actuals, and possibly identify reasons to initiate next cycles of innovation and/or transformation, and, by that, next Phase(s) in the Plan.

Normally, one would go through the stages of Discover-Prototype-Adopt per each Phase in the Plan. Though it would be possible also, during a single cycle of Discover-Prototype-Adopt, to define more than one Phase.

Note that, technically spoken, it is possible to start working in “Prototype”, and to skip “Discover”, or to create Models that are typically created during the “Discover” stage, after you did Prototyping. It would also be possible to not create any “Adopt”-related Model.
But, logically, and for best results, it is recommended to follow the entire method, through the stages of Discover – Prototype – Adopt.

VDMbee Value Management Platform (VMP)

VDMbee Value Management Platform (VMP)

What persona’s work with the CBMP method?

Three persona’s can be distinguished on the “delivery” side of CBMP.

  • Workshop leader.

    This person is the main actor during the “Discover” stage of CBMP. The “Discover” stage of CBMP is also the “creativity” stage of it. “Discovery” is done best via a series of workshops, with Participants/stakeholders involved. A Workshop leader is required to facilitate these workshops, in close connection with the client(s). Basically there will one or two workshop sessions per each sub-stage of “Discover”. For some sub-stages, such as Ecosystem and Value Creation, it may be required to organize more, intermediate, workshops, typically with less Participants involved (core-group).

  • CBMP personas overview

    CBMP personas overview


This person is the main actor during the “Prototype” stage of CBMP, but will often start earlier than that. As soon as, in a certain sub-stage of “Discover”, a Model reaches sufficient stability and consensus, the Analyst will work by him/herself, to generate structured model data (for “Prototype”), from Models (diagrams) as created during “Discover”). Initially just a much as is required to prepare for next workshop session(s) during “Discover” (as the Analyst is supposed to also facilitate re-use of as-generated structured Model data, as starters for Business Maps for next steps during “Discover”). But, after the “Discover” stage has completed, the Analyst will then proceed with “Prototype”, to finalize structured Models, including Value impact as calculated (serving as basis for creation of Dashboards during “Adopt”).

  • CBMP process

    CBMP process

  • Change agent.

    This person is the main actor during the “Adopt” stage of CBMP, and will start from the result of “Prototype”, by creating interactive Dashboards. (S)he will facilitate decision making about future direction, and will, for that purpose, present “Prototype” results, especially based on Dashboards, to the Participants/client(s). This person will also help them to do create Scenarios, to conduct what-if experiments, so that they get an as transparent as possible view of future impact of possible decisions. After decisions are taken, change should be initiated. The Change agent may then translate differences between As-Is and To-Be into change requirements that are input for change projects. This part itself is not supported by VMP. After implementation has been done, and business performance results become available, the Change agent can assist monitoring these, as well as feedback of these into VMP, and presentation of Plan versus “actuals” via a Dashboard. As a basis for considering the initiation of next cycles of innovation or transformation, and by that, continuation and extension of the Plan in VMP.


Other participants would also be served best by a short “Awareness” training, so that they learn about CBMP, its purpose, its promises, what to contribute, how to prepare and what to expect from participating in the CBMP process.

These persona’s all require training and certification. VDMbee has organized this by an online training program. Note that different parties could adopt the role(s) of these persona’s. For instance the role of Analyst could also be subcontracted to VDMbee.

VDMbee expects that the roles of Workshop leader and Change agent would be more widely adopted by client representatives or service providers that serve clients, than the role of Analyst. But it is very well possible that they adopt all three roles. Or possibly one may start by adopting the Workshop leader and Change agent roles, but only adopt the Analyst role after more experience has been built up.

VDMbee delivers a dedicated training course for each persona.

Join our training to get hands-on experience in modeling and evaluating the creation and exchange of value for your business.

  • Become a CBMP Black Belt

    After completing the CBMP training successfully, you are just one step away from Black belt certification.
    After a period of minimally 4 weeks after completing the course you will be allowed to sign up to deliver a complete case and to defend your result. It is required that you propose your case to us, for approval, before you start working on it. During the process, we schedule 4 couching sessions, with our experts,  of one hour each. We do this to guide you to the best result.
    After you have completed the case with positive results you will be registered as certified CBMP Black Belt


    • Clients ask for and expect CBMP-trained and certified professionals
    • You are more effective and skilled after having followed the VDMbee CBMP course and being registered as a CBMP Black Belt
  • Certificate

For whom?

Anybody in need for skills, methodology and tools to innovate Strategy Planning and Execution like Strategy Consultants, Business Consultants, Transformation Agents, Business Architects and Innovators.

  • Delivery and cost

    Online training program with exercises.

    Workshop Leader

    Be prepared for 10 hours of video training. Cost per trainee is € 95,–


    Be prepared for x hours of video training. Cost per trainee is € 95,–

    Change agent

    Be prepared for x hours of video training. Cost per trainee is € 95,–

    Black Belt certification

    Cost per certification is € 999,–

  • VDMbee App

Steps towards certification

  • Register for VDMbee CBMP course(s) using our registration form, see below
  • Complete VDMbee CBMP course
  • After every successfully completed course we provide you a certificate

Steps towards Black Belt certification

  • Finish all CBMP training courses
  • Register for VDMbee Black Belt certification
  • Propose case for case study
  • Perform the case study with VDMbee Value Management Platform
  • Submit completed case study
  • Defend your case after submission to VDMbee Academy
  • After every successful completion we provide you the certificate and, at the end, we register you in our Black Belt registry

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