Continuous Business Model Planning training and certification program

  • Intro

    Become a certified Value Management consultant
    Would you also like to get a clear view on the development of your business? Join our training to get hands-on experience in modeling the creation and exchange of value for your business.

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Training and Certification

Learning Objectives – half a day for each module

  • Module 1: Discover: What/ Why/ How
  • Module 2: Prototype: Business Model Plan
  • Module 3: Prototype: Value Network Design
  • Module 4: Prototype: Value Streams Design
  • Module 5: Prototype: Competency Design
  • Module 6: Prototype: Value impact Design & Measurement
  • Module 7: Prototype: Alternatives and next Phases
  • Module 8: Adopt: Present/ Decide/ Initiate
  • Course topics:

    • Golden Circles method
    • Business Model Life Cycle Management
    • Business Model Cube
    • Value Delivery Modeling Language by OMG
    • Value Management Platform

  • Business Model Cube

For whom?

Anybody in need for skills, methodology and tools to innovate Strategy Planning and Execution like Strategy Consultants, Business Consultants, Transformation Agents, Business Architects and Innovators.

  • Delivery Methods

    This training course can be delivered onsite or at our Netherlands office.


    Contact us to schedule this training course for your organization.

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VDMbee certification program

  • Become a certified VDMbee Value Management professional!

    Would you also like to become a certified VDMbee Value Management professional?
    After having completed the VDMbee Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) course successfully you are just one step away from certification.
    After a period of minimal 4 weeks after completing the course you will be allowed to sign up to deliver a complete case and to defend your result.
    Having completed the case with positive results you will be registered as certified VDMbee Value Management professional and from that moment on you are qualified to use that title.

  • Certificate

  • Advantages of being a VDMbee certified Value Management professional

    • Clients ask for and expect VDMbee-trained and certified professionals
    • You are more effective and skilled after having followed the VDMbee CBMP course and registered as VDMbee Value Management professional

    Steps towards certification

    • Register for VDMbee CBMP course in VDMbee Academy
    • Complete VDMbee CBMP course
    • Register for VDMbee certification in VDMbee Academy
    • Deliver a complete case, based on the VDMbee Value Management Platform
    • Defend your case after delivery

  • Business Model Cube
    Progress view

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