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Common approach to strategy validation

ValueCubeBeermat ™

The beermat is the most widely used tool to sort out business innovation, develop business cases and business plans.

However, when more people get involved in initiatives, and business context becomes more complex, this runs short. It is too difficult to comprehend the impact of many variables, perspectives and participants. You have to take too much data into account for decision making.

Without a good framework you add a lot of risk to your multi-million projects.

Piles of voluminous and costly consulting reports neither fulfill strategy validation demands. These reports together do not provide a transparent, coherent, complete and unambiguous blueprint of the business that you have conceived. And they do neither evolve continuously and are inadequate as sensors of your business. 

Spreadsheets and drawing tools are too generic, and do not lead to productive strategy validation and maintainable strategy either.

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OldSchoolStrategy ™

VDMbee approach to strategy validation

VDMbee offers a unique service to structure your current approach, rationalize your strategy and analyze scenarios to make better decisions and become more productive. VDMbee visualize your scenarios,
and simulate their business value impact, in context. So that you can
choose the best model for your business.

We co-create, in workshops, a digital visual blueprint of your business ecosystem, based on actual data and tacit knowledge from your organization. We transform the blueprint into a digital visual prototype using our unique Value Management Platform.

Through prototype simulation, we will assess the impact of your strategy. With the help of scenario planning, we facilitate you to make decisions to minimize risk and optimize your ROI.

After implementation of your strategic choices, the digitized visual prototype supports you as business sensor, to help you validating ROI and fueling next cycles of innovation, making your strategy continuous.

If you want tot understand more of the VDMbee approach, please read about our Continuous Business Model Planning.


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