The best strategies combine data with current marketplace conditions and push a vision for the future

  • Talk fact-based and data-driven “Business” by putting the “ideas” in a Value Delivery perspective, throughout the life cycle
  • Simulate your business and get insight in the core business networks and important relations
  • Explore alternative innovation ideas and value propositions by testing what-if scenarios in realtime
  • Describe your Business Model in the common Value Management Language of the Object Management Group, and share your scenarios across your team
  • Monitor your Business performance and improve your Business Models

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

VDMbee in 90 seconds

VDMbee provides structure for successful business models and Business performance monitoring

  • discover ins and outs of business ideas
  • rationalize and prototype strategy
  • analyze scenarios, present and adopt plan
  • monitor impact and be focused on direction

Overview of the conceptual models used in the different stages of CBMP.


“Discover” covers the creativity part of the method to discover and build shared understanding of and consensus about:

  • how things work, or may or should work
  • how to address issues
  • implement ideas
  • what information / facts matter in this context


“Prototype” covers the more analytical work of transforming the results of “Discover” into a structured system. This structured system is a representation of the Business, and can be used to perform impact analysis. It functions also as basis for Dashboards, for decision making, that will be developed during the “Adopt” stage.


“Adopt” is about development of Dashboards, to present the results of “Prototype”, in an interactive way. With focus on:

  • demonstrating impact on the organization of the business and related Value objectives, for the various Participants/stakeholders that area involved
  • moderate decision making about implementation and the actual business change
  • initiate change

Business operations can during and after implementation monitor the improvements. This is done by comparing the newly implemented baseline with “actuals” (performance metrics). “Actuals” can be imported into VMP to compare Plan versus actuals, and possibly identify reasons to initiate next cycles of innovation and/or transformation. This can result in new Phase(s) in the Plan.

  • Business

    Drive toward better business outcomes with a modern, Value Management Dashboard.


  • Innovation

    Create products and services that delight your customers and deliver value faster.


  • Build Better Business Models

    Jump into the fun stuff, create valuable business models today.


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