Common approach to Business Innovation

In the old days business innovations were written on a beermat by the executive and his/her advisor(s).

Nowadays more people are involved and the business context is more complex.
Business Model Canvas is a good starting point, but to see the business innovation is complex due to the number of:

  • variables
  • perspectives
  • participants

A different approach is needed to get a purpose driven strategy

A transformation from document(s) based strategies to VDMbee Value Cube based strategy models

Purpose driven strategy

“I” made many plans …
but nothing is solved

  • Too many ideas, information and plans

  • Do we have the same “picture” of ourselves and the market?
  • Do we have the same objective(s)?

Steer by

  • Discover ins and outs of business ideas

  • Rationalize and prototype strategy

  • Analyze scenarios, present and adopt plan

  • Measure and monitor impact of scenarios

  • Be focused on direction

The VDMbee value cube provides a computerized model to support you in:

Business Model Cube
Value Cube

  • composing your business model(s) represented as cubes
  • composing your eco-systems out of multiple cubes
  • in a structured way
  • is based on business engineering best practices
  • utilize facts and data to calculate value contributions
  • provides a  purpose driven strategy to all the stakeholders

To accomplish this VDMbee created an approach: Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP)

Validate your Strategy” service offering

Invent, Innovate, Validate and Improve your strategy related to:

  • OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

  • Software centric value propositions

  • Manufacturing ROI optimization

  • Smart manufacturing shift towards “servitization”

  • Circular economy balancing financial, ecological and social value objectives

  • Smart agriculture expediting new ecosystems


VDMbee provides the CBMP approach to structure business models and monitor the performance

Overview of the conceptual models used in the different stages of CBMP.


“Discover” covers the creativity part of the method to discover and build shared understanding of and consensus about:

    • how things work, or may or should work

    • how to address issues

    • implement ideas

    • what information / facts matter in this context


    “Prototype” covers the more analytical work of transforming the results of “Discover” into a structured system. This structured system is a representation of the Business, and can be used to perform impact analysis. It functions also as basis for Dashboards, for decision making, that will be developed during the “Adopt” stage.


    “Adopt” is about development of Dashboards, to present the results of “Prototype”, in an interactive way. With focus on:

    • demonstrating impact on the organization of the business and related Value objectives, for the various Participants/stakeholders that area involved

    • moderate decision making about implementation and the actual business change

    • initiate change

    Business operations can during and after implementation monitor the improvements. This is done by comparing the newly implemented baseline with “actuals” (performance metrics). “Actuals” can be imported into VMP to compare Plan versus actuals, and possibly identify reasons to initiate next cycles of innovation and/or transformation. This can result in new Phase(s) in the Plan.


    Drive toward better business outcomes with a modern, Value Management Dashboard.



    Create products and services that delight your customers and deliver value faster.



    Jump into the fun stuff, create valuable business models today.


    • Identifying and modelling value aspects is one of the most common challenges within all disciplines of value management
    • Working with OMG to deliver a VDML standard lays the foundation for software enabled value modelling
    • I’m very impressed by VDMBee, not only about their leadership in this field, but also the ability to develop a methodology and platform that bridge and connect: strategy, resources, capabilities, process and the various value offerings
    • The VDMbee proposition provide new opportunities for both Executives, Managers as well as practitioners in the value space e.g. Value Experts, Value Engineers and Value Architects in addition to Business Analysts and Business Architects around the world
    Professor Mark von Rosing, Global University Alliance
    • In our aim to stay on top of modern standards for business modeling, Minautics came across VDMbee
    • VDMbee is one of the premier companies dealing with the Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) of the Object Management Group (OMG)
    • VDMbee offers a promising approach for continuously developing companies’ Business Models
    • VDMbee Value Management Platform aligns Business Models with internal and external Structures and Processes
    Björn Richerzhagen, Minautics
    • VDMbee is a great business model platform that clearly assists fact-based and data-driven decision making
    • VDMbee complements the existing strategy and business model methods by rationalizing business cases
    • The possibility to use different standard Business Canvases provides an easy start for building the Continous Business Model Plan
    • In a fast changing work with ever shorter innovation/transformation cycles, a standard process using VDMbee is a great asset
    Florian Vogel, Pepperl+Fuchs
    • Various approaches exist in the area of value modeling and business ontology
    • VDML integrates the essences of these into a coherent meta-model, that also enables alignment with operations and IT
    • Using VDML as structured modeling foundation will also bring new opportunities in service science
    Professor Geert Poels, University of Ghent
    • A dashboard for decision making about future direction
    • That’s what it is
    • It is a unique and necessary methodology for every adviser, in or outside the organization
    Ton Soetekouw, Former CFO, ING Bank
    • Improved customer satisfaction and efficiency, due to the Business Model insight and overview VDMbee and it’s professionals co-created
    • VDMbee is of great help to create a picture of the Business by using the Business Canvases module as a starter for our Business Model Plan
    • The capability to perform scenario planning, risk assessments and business simulation gives us continuously deep insights for decision making
    • We have realtime Strategy
    • Highly recommended and a no-brainer, even for small companies like us
    Christian den Heijer & Marc Boudewijn, FietsLease Holland