VDMbee stands for Value Delivery Modeling by Business Enterprise Engineering.

We use the “bee” as a metaphor about how we contribute to your Business. The main contribution of a Bee is pollination. It’s invisible when you eat your fruits, etc. The farmer harvests the crop, as you do better business after we have helped you.


Henk de Man
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Mudigonda Rajender
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Theodoor van Donge
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What we observed is that in many Enterprises, business processes are not well organized, described, executed and measured

Typical symptoms are a lack of:

    • Understanding about where the business is stumbling

    • Understanding what and how business value is delivered

    • Understanding what and where to change

    • Understanding what the impact of innovations could be

    • A common, documented and supported understanding of how and why things are done

    • A designed, implemented and continuously actualized strategy


    Acute business consequences:

    • Business continuity

    • Loosing from the competition

    • Growth below market benchmark

    • Profit evaporates

    • People leaving your team

    This can be addressed with a fact and data based Purpose Driven Strategy


    To achieve a fact and data based Purpose Driven Strategy, we have developed our Continuous Business Model Planning approach.

    This enables senior managers to:

      • Stay focused on strategic objectives

      • Align team and translate strategy to other stakeholders

      • Steer by “compass”, based on measuring impact of options for decision making

      • Have a common language of how business is organized and described find out more

      • Implement accountability throughout the Value Chain

      • Adopt real-time strategy by matching strategy with reality, basd on actual information


      Our approach provide structure to discover business ideas, rationalize strategy and analyze scenarios for successful business

      • Agile approach to Purpose Driven Strategy

      • Feedback loop to continuously measure impact of strategy and steer on facts

      • Describe your Business in a common language

      • Simulate your business and get insight in the core business networks and important relations

      • Explore alternative ideas and value propositions by testing what-if scenarios in real-time, based on real data


      To support you in realizing a Purpose Driven Strategy, we are providing an approach supported by software, our Value Management Platform.

      We bring this together with our partners into the Enterprise. Where our partners are focussed on performing the workshops together with your team. While VDMbee provides software, training and certification services.


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