VDMbee has chosen for a close cooperation with top research institutes of several universities to proof its approach, harden the software and methodologie. With all the lessons learned, the VDMbee Continuous Business Model Planning (CPBM) method has matured and the VDMbee Value Management Platform (VMP) is now ready for real customer projects.

The VDMbee CBMP method, as supported by the VDMbee VMP, has been applied during a series of research projects. These projects have been conducted as master thesis projects, Ph. D. research projects and research paper projects, by universities all over the globe. 

This method has been embedded in university curricula of three European universities as well. Particularly at the University of Ghent, under the leadership of prof. dr. Geert Poels. 

Project results, as far as they are non-confidential, are listed on this page as case studies. Documents are in pdf format and can be downloaded on the individual pages.

The following universities and research institutes have been involved in projects: 

  • University of Ghent (Belgium)
  • University of Turin (UNITO) (Italy)
  • Tilburg University (Netherlands)
  • TNO (Netherlands)
  • Wageningen UR (Netherlands)
  • Polytechnical University of Montreal (Canada)
  • University of Regina (Canada)
  • University hospital of Chicago (US)
  • Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
  • University of Magdeburg (Germany)
  • University of Potsdam (Germany)
  • Oslo University (Norway)
  • SINTEF (Normway)

Integrating Value Modeling and Legal Risk Management

by Robert Muthuri Research paper: Integrating Value Modeling and Legal Risk Management Authors: Robert Muthuri Emilio Sulis Ilaria Angela Amantea Sara Capecchi Guido Boella Companies need to be able to demonstrate compliance ...

Pork value chain, the value of transparency

A Thesis by Jan van de PolWageningen, The NetherlandsAug, 2019 Introduction This thesis aims to show how a software tool for supporting the auditing of pig farmers on a continuous basis, called a ...

Impact of data-driven approach to recruitment

By Ruben Lovenweent, university of Ghent. Master’s Dissertation submitted to obtain the degree of: Master of Science in Business Engineering Introduction Ruben worked on the case of a recruitment company that considered using data-driven ...

A Model Based Management Dashboard (Cutter 2013-01)

by Fred A. Cummins of Agile Enterprise Design (AED) Harmonizing Management Efforts to Optimize the Enterprise Introduction This Executive Report proposes personalized dashboards for all managers in an enterprise as well as an active ...

VDML – BPMN mapping and transformation paper

by Fred A. Cummins and Henk de Man of Agile Enterprise Design (AED) and VDMbee Introduction to the VDML - BPMN relationship This paper describes the relationship between VDML (Value Delivery Modeling Language) and ...