by Theodoor van Donge

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Abstract of the Digital Enterprise transformation paper

A paper about the VDMbee Value Management methodology to discover your Digital Enterprise Strategy with a supporting IT Strategy.

The VDMbee methodology is supported by VDMbee Strategyplanner. This combination provides you a dashboard for decision making about future direction.

It is a unique and necessary methodology for every advisor, in or outside the organization.

This document is meant for people that want to know more about the Digital Enterprise, Supporting IT Strategies and how to discover, plan and adopt digital Business Models.

As the image symbolizes, the art of navigation is required to steer your business through the labyrinth of the “Digital Enterprise transformation” challenges. We help you with our VDMbee Value Management methodology.

T van Donge
Co-founder and Managing Director VDMbee

You can download this research paper.