After collaborating together around the development of the Object Management Group (OMG) Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) standard the Global University Alliance and VDMbee have partnered around joint collaborations in the areas of OMG VDML standard development as well as a University curriculum around Value Concepts.

GUA and VDMbee

Introduction and background

Starting in 2006, a small Dutch software company started a research project to define a conceptual model to describe the Business Enterprise Value Design. They realized they had something unique and decided to make this a global standard and therefore started within the OMG Group the process of developing a global software standard. Together with the big players of the ICT world as well as the enterprise standard body LEADing Practice and the research organization Global University Alliance (GUA) within the OMG group, they decided on business model, planning, measurement, capability and value offering concepts . The close collaboration resulted in the VDML standard specification. Today VDMbee is not only the chair of the standard, but is also offering the first software implementation in the world that supports this VDML specification.

Details on the partnership

As a part of this collaboration, the GUA which consist of over 450 universities, professors and researchers has agreed with VDMbee to work together on the following aspects:

  • OMG collaboration and support of the VDML standard
  • University curriculum development around the Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) standard of the Object Management Group (OMG)
  • Joint publications about the research work being performed by the GUA-associated Universities
  • Joint webinars to share knowledge about Value Management

Theodoor van Donge states “The Business Enterprise Value Design discipline is at a too low level of maturity, it is way too siloed and it is focusing way too little on value management and value architecture. For this  reason I agreed with Prof. Mark von Rosing (Chairman of the GUA), to bring additional value concepts to the VDML standard. With the integrated value ontology, value taxonomy and value artifacts, the GUA has developed De-Facto standards. Combining the two approaches will be beneficial for the industry as a whole. Business Enterprise Value Design needs to enable innovation and transformation across the enterprise and participating value networks.”

We see this cooperation as a major breakthrough, because Value Management research, as conducted by the GUA network (GUA Value standard) and OMG VDML concepts will strengthen each other.

Research topics are: applying VDML-based business design to real world situations, strategy development with the VDMbee Value Management Platform in all sort of business scenarios, and ultimately VDML extensions to support a Value-oriented Enterprise Architecture design.

VDMbee will provide the Value Management Platform based on the OMG VDML standard, free of cost to all GUA-associated universities.

Universities can contact the Global University Alliance contact person Prof. Mark von Rosing (mvr@globaluniversityalliance.net) to get the formalities done and get authorization to access the Value Management university curriculum and the VDML – Value Management Platform for universities.

The University Curriculum

Curricula will have a modular structure, enabling professors to adopt parts of them into their existing programs.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • Value Ontology
  • Value Management
  • Value Modeling
  • Value Delivery Modeling Language
  • Value Management Platform
  • Value Governance

The target audience can both be Bachelor or Master level modules.

Work on joint publications

The publications will be academic of nature and will cover the GUA Value standard and the OMG VDML standard.

Expected subjects to be covered are:

  • Value Ontology and the relationship to Business Ontology
  • What is value and the need for a value modeling language
  • VDML standard
  • Apply VDML to Business Model Planning


The webinars are meant to have an easy way of interaction with interested people around the globe about the nature and development of the GUA Value standard and the OMG VDML standard.

Expected subjects to be covered are:

  • Needs for Value concepts
  • Existing Value Standards
  • Value modeling with VDML
  • Application of VDML to Business Model Planning
VDML Roots

The GUA and VDMbee are looking forward to your active participation in this new research space of Value Management:

  • Apply VDML in many Business Model Planning projects for your MBA studies
  • Meta model extensions to evolve VDML to a Value-oriented Business Architecture meta model

Prof. Mark von Rosing (Chairman of the Global University Alliance) ( connect on linkedin: markvonrosing)
Theodoor van Donge (co-founder and Managing Director of VDMbee) (connect on linkedin: theodoorv)