by Dennis De Langhe, university of Ghent

Master’s Dissertation submitted to obtain the degree of: Master of Science in Business Engineering

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A recent Master Thesis project at University of Ghent, in cooperation with Netherlands-based research organization TNO and VDMbee, demonstrates a novel approach for business case analysis and business model planning for Data-Driven Innovation, applied to Vehicle Signature use cases.
It rationalizes ideas and strategy for application of 5G network and Internet-of-Things infrastructure, in complex business networks.

Business ecosystem map (Model I: ITS-G5)

Business ecosystem map (Model I: ITS-G5)

Alternative scenarios are explored, whereby impact on business organization and value objectives, for both individual participants and the constellation as a whole is assessed in real-time, and whereby this impact is also projected into the future, resulting into a phased roadmap with dashboard of future direction of Vehicle Signature.

Business model canvas from the viewpoint of the PRO-SP

You can download the Master Thesis report here, to imagine for yourself how this approach could help you in other, similar cases. Happy reading, and looking forward to your feedback!

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