by Geert Poels and Ben Roelens of the Ghent University, Henk de Man and Theodoor van Donge.

A contribution to a better understanding of the practice of value modeling with VDML/OMG

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Abstract. We present a brief update of the Continuous Business Model Planning method, which is a strategic planning method that involves using the VDML compliant VDMbee Strategyplanner. Since we presented the method at VMBO 2018, it further evolved as a method intended to provide full support for strategic business transformation initiatives, by incorporating tool-based extensions related to additional business canvassing techniques (e.g., SWOT, Lean Change), capability analysis, value stream mapping, and value-driven business process design. The purpose of the paper is to provide an up-to-date account of the Continuous Business Model Planning method and a basis for discussing future research opportunities related to the evaluation of value modeling and its integration into Enterprise Architecture.

Overview of the conceptual models used in the different stages of CBMP.

The VDML is a standardized language for developing conceptual models that are used for the analysis and design of value creation and value capture in enterprise operations. Although the VDML 1.0 specification was published by the Object Management Group (OMG) in October 2015, as of yet, little is known about applications and experiences of value modeling with VDML. We report in this paper on the industrial practice of applying VDML for continuous business model planning using Strategyplanner of the Dutch company VDMbee. Neither the Strategyplanner user guide nor the VDML specification prescribe how to perform value modeling.

This publication adds to the procedural knowledge of value modeling by analyzing the method applied in a continuous business model planning case-study.
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