An Illustrative example for Value Stream Mapping

by Geert Poels and Ben Roelens of the Ghent University, Henk de Man and Theodoor van Donge.

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The goal of the paper is twofold.

First, by means of an illustrative example we explore a concrete and recently available opportunity for integration of Strategyplanner and ArchiMate.

Second, we ponder about the research activities that would be required for investigating such integration.

We posit that mapping the artifacts underlying enterprise modeling with Strategyplanner and ArchiMate would be required for any kind of integration. The illustrative example shows that this mapping goes beyond a mere comparison of the syntax and semantics of metamodel elements, but also extends to pragmatic aspects like model purpose, choice of diagram types and which information to include in which type of diagram.

Flights Value Stream
Flights Value Stream

Eventually, the form that an integration of Strategyplanner and ArchiMate can take, the applications and benefits of such integration, and the research that would be required for establishing and evaluating this integration are open questions for which this workshop paper only intends ‘to scratch the surface’, to stimulate reflection and discussion

You can download this research paper.