By Marzieh Ghiyasinasab, Polytechnical University of Montreal

Aircraft End-of-Life

Aircraft End-of-Life


  • Marzieh Ghiyasinasab
  • Samira Keivanpour
  • Henk de Man

This case study demonstrates how VDMbee Strategyplanner can be used to design effective Business Ecosystems and Business Models for the circular economy.

It is about End-of-Life handling of aircraft.

Owners sell their aircraft to organizations that coordinate the End-of-Life handling. End-of-Life handling partners participate in a Business Ecosystem that provide their services to dismantle the aircraft, re-purpose and re-certify components, scrap, sort and recycle material, etc.

The Plan has been developed based on assumed choices regarding the extent to which sorting and recycling is performed and End-of-Life activities are subcontracted.

Value impact is analyzed on financial and ecological objectives, for the following viewpoints:

  • an individual Business Model
  • the Business Ecosystem as a whole
  • the society

The Plan can be adapted and extended by adding alternative approaches. This plan serves as basis for decision making about the most productive configuration of aircraft End-of-Life handling.

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