By Marzieh Ghiyasinasab, Polytechnical University of Montreal

Aircraft End-of-Life

Aircraft End-of-Life


  • Marzieh Ghiyasinasab
  • Samira Keivanpour
  • Henk de Man

This case study demonstrates how the VDMbee Value Management Platform can be used to design effective Business Ecosystems and Business Models for the circular economy.

It is about End-of-Life handling of aircraft.

Owners sell their aircraft to organizations that coordinate the End-of-Life handling. End-of-Life handling partners participate in a Business Ecosystem that provide their services to dismantle the aircraft, re-purpose and re-certify components, scrap, sort and recycle material, etc.

The Plan has been developed based on assumed choices regarding the extent to which sorting and recycling is performed and End-of-Life activities are subcontracted.

Value impact is analyzed on financial and ecological objectives, for the following viewpoints:

  • an individual Business Model
  • the Business Ecosystem as a whole
  • the society

The Plan can be adapted and extended by adding alternative approaches. This plan serves as basis for decision making about the most productive configuration of aircraft End-of-Life handling.

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