Drive toward better business outcomes

Standing out on innovation is more challenging than ever, especially for established businesses. Since real innovation, that impacts customers and employees, is often a step into an uncertain future. Real innovation demands good navigation skills and the art of steering to arrive at the right port and therefore we have developed the VDMbee Value Management Dashboard.

Let us help you play to your strengths

Value Management Dashboard

We specialize in helping you to discover, prototype and adopt Business Model innovation that let you truly differentiate, and achieve recognition and value, for what you do.
Our unique and necessary approach for every adviser, in or outside the organization, provides a dashboard for decision making about future direction.

Let us help you play to your strengths

We and our partners help you with a methodology and dashboard for decision making about future direction and support transformation:

  • We create a model of your business, enriched with Big-Data analytics

  • We do the introduction into your organization

  • We train and certify your team

  • We help you using the VDMbee methodology

The Art of steering is required

Incrementally build Better Businesses

Challenges CEO
Create and Secure Customer Value Yes Yes
Innovation Risk Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company/Industry/Government Compliance matters Yes
Tangible vision Yes Yes Yes Yes
Align strategies across business units Yes Yes Yes Yes
Streamline merger and acquisition activity Yes Yes Yes
Deploy new business models and strategies Yes Yes
Plan and fund portfolio investments Yes
Plan and fund IT investments Yes
Align business and IT architectures Yes
Align packaged IT offering with business Yes
Sourcing challenges Yes Yes
Workforce management Yes Yes
Capability building Yes Yes