Case Designer (CMMN1.1) design your high-level Case Models

The Case Designer (CMMN1.1) is an implementation of the case designer. It’s not intended to develop executable Case models. For Case model automation you have to export the CMMN1.1 Case model from the Value Management Platform and import in your favorite CMMN platform and finalize the modelling.

Coming soon: the generation of Case Models from a Value Stream Map designed in the Value Management Platform.


  • Create tasks, stages, milestones, event listeners, criterions and case plan models from the palette
  • Move and delete elements on the canvas with ensured consistency
  • Add and edit labels of elements
  • Morph between plain, human, decision, process and case tasks
  • Model discretionary tasks and planning tables
  • Morph between entry and exit criterions
  • Toggle all the markers: auto complete, manual activation, repetition and required rule
  • Use the hand, lasso and space tools known from bpmn-js