Value Library to accelerate discovery of Value creation

A Value Library organizes Value definitions, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), based on a taxonomy that consists of multiple levels.

Value Libraries enforce the use of an industry- and/or enterprise-standard vocabulary and definitions for Values (metrics). Value Libraries standardize Value metric aspects, such as indicator names, definitions, units of measure and formulas.

Value definitions in Value Libraries can be used to discover and cross-reference Values. Value definitions of the Value library can be deployed in your Value creation stories (Strategy Maps) and Business Models. They also support you in setting Value objectives for Business Model planning. Value objectives help to assess Value impact of your Business Model plans in dashboards in the Value Management Platform.

For alignment with data sources

It is very helpful to base your Business Model plans on Value Libraries. This helps to align value metrics in your Business Model plans with value metrics that are common in your business. This will enable you to make more productive use of data sources in your enterprise and use measurements that are available.

Value Libraries can be imported into (and exported from) plans, and are, thus, re-usable across plans.

The screenshot on this page gives an impression of the content of a Value Library.