In the VDMbee Value Management Platform (VMP), Vocabulary Libraries can be created (or imported) and used to define mappings from standardized and normative Concept terms to terms that are common to particular communities.

Scope of Vocabulary Library-based translation can be any label or message, using these terms, that VMP exposes to the User. See the picture below for an example.

Vocabulary Library in VMP

As a result, the terms that are exposed in the User Interface of VMP are conform the vocabulary of that community.

The next picture shows the result of applying such a translation for the Business Model Canvas (see Mission canvas, a Value Management Platform example for more discussion of the context of this particular example).

Result of application of Vocabulary Library in VMP

Vocabulary Libraries can also be exported, so that they can be re-used in other Plans.

When different Users use the same Plan, each User may use his/her own preferred vocabulary, either standard or as-driven by a particular Vocabulary Library. This implies that it is possible that, when different Users use the same Plan, they “see” the Plan each in their own preferred “language”.