Using Capability Library to support discovery of Activities and Capabilities for Activities

We have several graphical maps for discovery purpose now: Business Ecosystem Map, Value Stream Map, Business Canvas, Strategy Map. The main purpose of these is to “discover” ecosystems, value streams, etc. Good starters of these maps are created during workshops (discovery), before they are mapped (via mapping wizard) to target elements in structured Business Models (BM Cubes). That mapping to target elements is a technical job that is kept outside the creative discovery sessions itself. It takes place in between and after workshop sessions. Capability Libraries are supportive during the “discovery” process and provide guidance and support the usage of the same terminology throughout the organization.

Capability Libraries contain:

  • Industry-specific Capability reference models
  • Enterprise-specific Capability Definitions
  • Enterprise-specific subsets
  • Tailored versions of such reference models

Enhance discovery based on Library element selection

Optionally, it will now also become possible, to discover Activities, and Capabilities-for-Activities, based on Capability Library. Capability libraries can be developed/inspected/viewed with our Capability Library designer. Capability Libraries tend to be branch specific. You can make Libraries for your own organization or for your customer base, when you have a consultancy practice. This enables productization of industry knowledge and make it re-usable. Another appraoch is to incorporate industry libraries made by industry specific bodies of knowledge, like: Business Architecture Guild® and others that will come.

The Libraries can be associated to your plan, and used when discovering your Activities and Capabilities.

The screenshot below gives an impression of the content of well designed Capability Libraries.