Capability Map provide a nice visualization of your organizations capabilities

The Capability Map is a handy tool to visualize, in a hierarchical way, by functional breakdown of Capabilities, what typical organizations in your industry do, or maybe what your organization itself does.

A Capability Map can also be used to specify Capabilities in Capability Libraries. It is based on a taxonomy that consists of multiple levels (often three).

Capability Libraries enforce the use of an industry-and/or Enterprise-standard vocabulary for Capabilities. It can also be used to enforce standardization and rationalization of Capabilities as provided by an Enterprise.

Capability Libraries. Based on such mapping, elements in Capability Libraries can be created and existing ones can be selected for visualization.

Capabilities (Capability Definitions) in Capability Libraries can be used to discover and cross-reference the Capabilities as they are deployed in your Value Streams and Business Models.

Raj Ramesh made a nice video with a good explanation how to get to a good capability map.

Here a screenshot of an Equipment map: