With VDMbee Strategyplanner you make Strategy concrete, which results in alignment between all involved stakeholders. Everyone shares the same single photo of future options and plans.

It allows you to be effective in decision making and control, as you can prototype your Business Innovation or Transformation, analyze Alternatives and assess risks and impacts on your Value Objectives before you implement your Plans.

VDMbee in 90 seconds

Value Management Methodology

The first video is about using the Business Model Canvas to get an idea how the Business Model of the Paperboy looks like.

The second video is about mapping the content towards the VDML Business Model as preparation for adding other important aspects to the Business Model.

The third video is about completing the content by using the Multi Business Model Innovation Canvas of prof. Peter Lindgren. This canvas type is enabled to add all relevant aspects of a Business Model.

The fourth video is about visualizing the created Business Model into a Value Network Analysis view, using the VDMbee Business Ecosystem map designer. This designer enables you to compose, graphically, the Value Network.

In the following video’s, you can watch how we prototype the business model. The discovery part is traditional style, based on Power Point.

Part I: About discovery of the Paperboy’s strategy and value network.

Part II: About using Strategyplanner to register the value network and the value propositions of the Paperboy.

Part III: About using Strategyplanner to register the value that the Paperboy captures himself from his Business Model as well as the impact on plan values.

Part IV: About using Strategyplanner to register the transformation of a as-is to a to-be model, and articulate the impact on the plan and it’s values.