Project Description

Become a Black Belt in Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP)

After completing the CBMP training successfully, you are just one step away from Black belt certification.

Our Black Belt certification program is all centered around your business challenge.
After completing the course you will be allowed to sign up to deliver a complete case and to defend your result. It is required that you propose your case to us, for approval, before you start working on it. During the process, we schedule 4 coaching sessions, with our experts,  of one hour each. We do this to guide you to the best result.
After you have completed the case with positive results you will be registered as certified CBMP Black Belt


Customers demand CBMP-trained and certified professionals

You are more effective and skilled after having followed the VDMbee CBMP course and being registered as a CBMP Black Belt

Steps towards Black Belt certification

  • Finish all CBMP training courses
  • Register for VDMbee Black Belt certification
  • Propose case for case study
  • Perform the case study with VDMbee Strategyplanner
  • Submit completed case study
  • Defend your case after submission to VDMbee Academy
  • After successful completion we provide you the certificate and, at the end, we add  you to our Black Belt registry

For whom?

Anybody in need for skills, methodology and tools to innovate Strategy Planning and Execution like Strategy Consultants, Business Consultants, Transformation Agents, Business Architects and Innovators.

Black Belt certification

Cost per certification is € 999,–

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