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The VDMbee Software Development Excellence Scan offers clarity and actionable insights for software development organizations seeking to enhance their performance.

In the dynamic landscape of software development, navigating the complexities of cloud-based solutions often feels like traversing uncharted waters. Despite aiming for continuous delivery, developing, and delivering cloud-based software remains challenging. Many organizations struggle to identify areas for improvement in their development processes.

When you feel a need for clarity and actionable insights, the VDMbee Software Development Excellence Scan is the service to provide you these important business insights.

VDMbee Agile DevOps acceleration service journey

Navigating Persistent Challenges

The Landscape of Software Development in the Agile Era

  • Lack of alignment: Unclear direction and inconsistent management directives hinder progress.
  • Quality assurance: Testing processes and code quality impact delivery frequency and reliability.
  • Continuous delivery hurdles: Balancing feature completion with testing and deployment delays.
  • Organizational dynamics: Collaboration, skill levels, and team effectiveness affect overall performance.
  • And more …

Key questions to address challenges

To chart a course towards improvement, organizations must address critical questions:

  • What metrics are essential for effectively managing software development performance?
  • How can these metrics be accurately measured?
  • What factors influence performance, and how can they be measured?
  • How can measurement efforts align with organizational responsibilities?
  • What methodology fosters continuous improvement based on metrics and responsibilities?
  • Which tools facilitate performance improvement aligned with metrics and responsibilities?
  • How to prioritize measurement and improvement efforts effectively?

Plan of Approach for Improvement

  • Initiating improvement: Beginning with an audit or scan to assess the organization’s status and identify areas for enhancement.
  • Implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs): Setting feasible improvement objectives and defining actions to achieve

Optimized approach to excellence

At VDMbee, we’re committed to guiding organizations on their path to excellence. Leveraging our expertise and innovative solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your needs (see Figure 1 for how these are coordinated):

  • Template model: VDMbee provides a template model with relevant measurable factors and an extensive cause-effect model, enabled for measurement, ranking against industry norms and best practices.Software Development Excellence
  • Questionnaire and workshop facilitation: Customized questionnaires and workshops gather insights and address unanswered questions.
  • Data Processing in Strategyplanner: Importing and analyzing questionnaire results in the VDMbee Strategyplanner to generate improvement recommendations.
  • Interactive dashboard in Strategyplanner: Organizations receive not only a report but also an interactive online dashboard in the cloud, within their own tenant, to monitor their performance and trends.

Optional OKR expansion: VDMbee offers optional services to expand the scan with additional OKR services or to implement more structured measurement practices within the organization.

Affordable service

Embark your entire service delivery team on a journey to excellence with VDMbee’s comprehensive suite of services:

  • Scan (€14,000): Kickstart your journey to excellence with a thorough scan of your service delivery team’s processes. Gain invaluable insights into your current performance and identify areas for improvement. This includes:
    • Intake Meeting (1st scan only): Establish a solid foundation for our collaboration with an initial intake meeting.
    • Configure and Conduct Questionnaire: Dive deep into your organization’s processes and practices with a customized questionnaire.
    • Assisted Workshop: Address any lingering questions or concerns during an interactive workshop facilitated by our experts.
    • Follow-up Questionnaire with General Questions: Collect complementary information to contextualize your organization’s software development performance, with a follow-up questionnaire.
    • Process Results in Strategyplanner: Harness the power of the VDMbee Strategyplanner to analyze and process your results, unlocking actionable insights.
    • Advice Report: Receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations, guiding you on your path to excellence.
  • Additional Service Options:
    • Periodic Scans (€3,500 per scan): Ensure ongoing progress and success by scheduling one or more scans periodically. Continuously monitor your performance and track your improvement over time.
    • OKR Process Support (T&M): Collaborate with our team to set objectives and define actionable steps to improve your development practices. Measure and evaluate your results based on the insights gained from the scans.


The VDMbee Software Development Excellence Scan isn’t just a service—it’s a catalyst for transformation. By identifying and addressing performance gaps in software development organizations, we pave the way for enhanced delivery capabilities and quality software products. Experience the difference today and unlock the full potential of your software development journey.

Are you ready to gain clarity and actionable insights into your service delivery team’s processes? Kickstart your journey to excellence today.

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