Project Description

Typical business challenges we help you to address

Invent, Innovate, Validate and Improve your strategy related to:

OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

  • Practical approach to develop your OKR strategy
  • Monitor and transform your business based on your OKR strategy

Software centric value propositions

  • Design and validate new business models for software and software platforms, that may emerge from your business
  • Streamline and re-design your software development practice
  • Validate new software development practices based on impact of value objectives of both IT and the business

Manufacturing ROI optimization

  • Optimize ROI of your manufacturing business, based on deployment of data-driven and IoT-based approaches, or digitization of your supply chain

Smart manufacturing shift towards “servitization”

  • Design the optimal ecosystem for your shift towards “servitization”, based on impact on value objectives of all stakeholders involved

Circular economy balancing financial, ecological and social value objectives

  • Determine best technology options to dismantle, sort, recycle and re-purpose components and materials
  • Determine best (out-)sourcing options, resulting in an ecosystem of cooperating partners
  • Validate options based on impact on your financial, ecological and social value objectives

Smart agriculture expediting new ecosystems

  • Design and validate new business models around smart agriculture innovations in new ecosystems that you form with partners, clients and other stakeholders

“Validate your strategy” service

The “Validate your strategy” service is delivered to you agile phased approach. The table below indicates, for a typical scenario,  the involvement and time spend to deliver a meaningful validation.

Stage Objectives SME* Enterprise* Multi party* Involved
Preparation Define scope, objectives and select stakeholders (participants) Client
Discovery Document Business situations (AS-IS, TO-BE) 2 days 5 days workshop 10 days workshop Client and CBMP Workshop leader
Prototype From Discovery results to digitized business model(s) 3 days 1 sprint 2 sprints CBMP Analist
Adopt Interpretation of results as input for further transformations 1 day 1 day 2 days Client and CBMP Change Agent

*) The Validate your Strategy service offering is provided with the following engagement models:

  • Small and Medium Enterprise engagement, for the light weight business challenges
  • Enterprise engagement, for the more complex enterprise level business challenges
  • Multi-party engagement, for the networked enterprise business challenges

Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) approach is used to deliver this service to you

Continuous Business Model Planning (CPMP) is about Planning innovation and/or transformation of your business, in certain scope, in a way that demonstrates the impact on your organization and Value objectives. Whereby your business is expressed in terms of an ecosystem of interacting Business Models (one or more), of yourself, and your Partners and Customers.
“Continuous” relates to the idea of a closed-loop Planning activity, like the PDCA or DMAIC cycle. CBMP can be considered “DMAIC at strategy level” or “strategic DMAIC”.

Your participation

What do you need to prepare?

Define scope and objectives and select the participants that contribute to the workshop.

The workshop starts with multiple discovery sessions to document the AS-IS situation and/or creatively define the intermediate steps (Phases and potential Alternatives) to get to the desired TO-BE situation.

The step after these workshops is to prototype the Business Models and related Value formulas. Prototyping follows an agile approach. During a couple of sprints the Business Models are developed and made computationally complete. Every sprint is completed with a session with the stakeholders involved, to review sprint results and to prepare the next sprint. The number of sprints is timeboxed, based on the size of the business challenge and the engagement model chosen.

During these sprints, the Dashboards needed for decision making are constructed as well, along with what-if Scenarios that provide deep insight in the benefits and impact of the planned Strategy, also as projected into the future. This is the basis for facilitating decision making about business change, to adopt the changes as implied by the Business Models as prototyped, which also serve as blueprint for implementation.

Though, by this, CBMP-as-a-service delivers an allround result to you, the “C” of CBMP suggests that it can serve as the start of a journey for you.

The initial delivery of the service can also include continuous monitoring of Strategy execution for you. Actual Value metrics are imported into the Value Management Platform and with the help of  the Dashboard, visualized and compared with the performance as planned.

Discovery of discrepancies, possibly combined with newly emerged facts, can trigger the next cycle of “prototype” and “adopt” whereby the CBMP Plan is extended by next Phases. Follow-on service can be delivered to you, to guide you on this journey.

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