Paperboy AS-IS

Business plan for a Paperboy to improve his customer satisfaction, without overloading his parents, a Value Management Platform (VMP) example

The subject of this example is a Paperboy, typically a schoolboy, distributing newspapers for a newspaper company.

His challenge is to improve the customer satisfaction, because his service level is below the expectation of the readers.
He earns some money, and makes good profit, but his performance is poor. This is due to the fact that our paperboy is often not available, and then his parents, sisters and brothers have to stand-in for him, but they will always deliver late. Because they don’t like to do it .. And this lateness comes over and above the delay in supply of the newspapers by the newspaper company itself.
This is in short the AS-IS situation, very recognizable isn’t it?

But the Paperboy has made a plan.

Paperboy TO-BE

Paperboy TO-BE

Hence the Paperboy decides to transform his paper round, just to avoid that he will loose his paper round. He organizes a reliable backup network of schoolmates, to stand-in for him when he’s not available.

Now the newspaper receivers are very satisfied. Due to this there is no revenue at risk anymore. His earnings and profit are just a little less than they used to be, but he accepts that, as anything is better than loosing his paper round ..

Paperboy example explained by Henk de Man

On the tutorial (videos) page you can find videos where Henk de Man gives an explanation of the paperboy example and the VDMbee Methodology.

Business Model Plan in VMP

Paperboy VMP view

Paperboy VMP view

About this VMP example

We have made a “zip” file that contains the content that you can import into the Value Management Platform. Also a case description is included. And two “.pdf” files that shows the Business Models. You can download this example after registration.