The VDMbee Value Management Platform supports the use of several Business Canvases, both the seminal Business Model Canvas, and later variations of it, see Business Model Canvases. The use of Business Canvases is integrated in the Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) method.

When the structure of the Business Canvas differs from the structure of Business Canvases that are already supported, new Business Canvas templates can be made available via the VDMbee Value Management Platform. At least, when the business case for this can be justified. Examples of these are all Business Canvases as listed on the Business Model Canvases page.

However, the market may sometimes also require Business Canvases that differ on terminology (vocabulary), but that otherwise adopt the same structure as an already known and supported Business Canvas. A nice example of that is the Mission Canvas (see the picture below), as a variation of the Business Model Canvas, that follows the same structure, but uses different terms. It was introduced, for the reason that the Business Model Canvas fits for-profit organizations well, but does not really resonate with non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations, such as Defense and Intelligence organizations, are mission-driven, rather than revenue-driven.

For a broader discussion about the Mission Canvas, read the blog of Steve Blank about BMC for Missions.

BMC with Defense and Intelligence Mission Vocabulary

BMC with Defense and Intelligence Mission Vocabulary

Mission canvas, created with the Vocabulary Library module

This Mission Canvas is simply realized by re-using the Business Model Canvas, but then used with a different “vocabulary”. The Value Management Platform supports the maintenance and use of multiple vocabularies via Vocabulary Libraries. This way, you can tailor Plans plans towards your audience and speak their language.

In the case of the Mission Canvas, a Vocabulary Library has been introduced, that replaces the terms of the Business Model Canvas by different terms.
For instance:

  • “Customer Segments” becomes “Beneficiaries”
  • “Revenue Streams” becomes “Mission Achievement Factors”
  • etc.

Of course, the vocabulary change can be extended to all parts of the Value Management Platform, if needed, just by “translating” more terms and other application elements via the Vocabulary Library.

About this VMP example

Available for the January 2017 edition of the Value Management Platform.
You can download this Plan via the “Cloud” button on the Plan property page:

Create Plan from example (located on Cloud storage)

Create Plan from example (located on Cloud storage)