What does Continuous Business Model Planning mean?

It is about planning innovation and/or transformation of your business, in a certain scope, in a way that demonstrates the impact on your organization and Value objectives. Whereby your business is expressed in terms of an ecosystem of interacting Business Models (one or more), of yourself, and your partners and customers.
“Continuous” relates to the idea of a closed-loop planning activity, like the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) or Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) cycle. CBMP can be considered “DMAIC at strategy level” or “strategic DMAIC”. “Continuous” also implies a phased transformation approach, whereby this closed-loop planning activity is performed from phase to phase.

Plan graphic

Plan graphic

CBMP personas overview


Discovery is a creative process, with focus on ideation. It deals with ideas, facts, opinions, etc. Models that can be created in VMP, to support Discovery, are Business Ecosystem Maps, Business Canvases, Value Stream Maps and Strategy Maps.


Prototyping is a structured process, with focus on assessing impact on the Business and its Value Objectives (Plan Values).
Models that can be created in VMP, to support Prototyping, are Business Models. These can be created directly, but may also serve as structured counterparts of what has been conceived via the graphical Maps during Discovery.

In the Prototype stage it is also possible to generate Process (BMPN) and Case (CMMN) models from Value Streams (and generated target elements in the structured Prototype model). This enables further downstream analysis and development, towards business automation, in scope of the Plan.


Adoption is about presentation of Plans, as a result of Prototyping, in order to support decision making and initiation of change in the Business(es) concerned.
Models that can be created in VMP, to support Adoption, are Reports and Dashboards.


VMP also supports the creation of Models that serve as enablers for specific purpose, to support the method throughout its stages of Discover, Prototype and Adopt.
For this purpose, VMP supports Capability Libraries, Capability Maps and Vocabulary Libraries.