The BA Guild® and VDMbee signed an agreement that allows VDMbee provide industry reference models, in VDMbee format, for purpose of productive use by VDMbee customers, using the VDMbee Value Management Platform (VMP).

The Value Management Platform can import both the capability maps, (as Capability Libraries in the Value Management Platform) and the Value Streams from the BA Guild® Reference Models.
Using the reference models of the Business Architecture Guild® will kick-start your Business Model Plan. It will also provide standardization of concepts and terminology which in itself provides a new level of common understanding throughout your organization.

    BA Guild reference model enabler

    As per this agreement, it is required that you can demonstrate that you are either a BA Guild® member, or that you purchased the industry reference model(s) from BA Guild® first. For that purpose you download an industry reference model from the BA Guild® Store, and you use the download receipt also as required document for download of the corresponding industry reference model(s) from our website. Your request has to be posted by using the form at the bottom of this page. We will contact you to further handle your request.

    We have done this process for you and made the reference models available in our format and enriched the content with graphical views.

    We have done this process for you and made the reference models available in our format and enriched the content with graphical views.

    As part of the download we also provide an sample dataset for you that comprises an example business model plan, that we created for you. This may give you further ideas for how to use the industry reference models as accelerator for development of such business model plans (and related value impact analysis and calculation) in VMP.

      Insurance Industry Reference model

      We also prepared an instruction video for you, how to download and use the industry reference model content. This video also walks you through the sample:

      To learn more about Continuous Business Model Planning,  you can use VDMbee e-learning courses.

      BA Guild® reference models that we have made in VMP format:

      • Common
      • Insurance industry
      • Financial Services Industry
      • Government Industry
      • Healthcare Provider Industry
      • Manufacturing Industry
      • Telecom
      • Transportation
      • ….

      Request form for BA Guild® Industry Reference models in VMP format

      Before we can share the VMP files, you have to provide a BA Guild® download receipt that shows your license of the BA Guild® Industry Reference Model. Please select the required Reference Model:

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